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Educational Service Unit 6 in Milford announces Open House to celebrate 50th Anniversary

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Members of the public are invited to join the Educational Service Unit 6 Staff and Board of Directors as they mark an important milestone in their history, the 50th Anniversary of the startup of ESU 6.  On April 25th, 2016, an open house will be held from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM at the ESU 6 Administrative Offices located at 210 5th street in Milford, NE.  Current and past employees and Board Members, customers, colleagues and members of the public are invited to celebrate the accomplishments and rich heritage that have influenced Nebraska education over the past five decades.  The many lives that have interwoven with ESU 6 serving as the common thread to create a rich tapestry of students, parents, support staff, teachers, administrators and board members, combined with many significant historical events that shaped our organization over the past 50 years have made it the great education support organization that it is today.

Educational Service Unit 6 was the first multi-county intermediate education agency in the state in 1966 to bring about quality and equitable educational opportunities to students and schools in the southeast region of the state. Reflecting over the past 50 years, ESU 6 has much to celebrate. Over the course of our history, it is evident that the elected Board, staff and administrators have been committed to providing quality programming and services for students, parents and schools in the communities served by ESU 6 which support and more commonly, exceed the vision of its founders.

Today, ESU 6 is honored to serve 16 public school districts, and 8 parochial schools that represent over 13,800 students, and 1,300 teachers and administrators in Lancaster, Fillmore, Saline, Seward and York Counties. Educational Service Unit 6 also provides direct special education services to children with disabilities in seven member districts and consultation and support to special education staff in all of its 16 districts.  ESU 6 has been a leader in high quality professional development for their member schools since its inception and was the originator of statewide professional development projects in Nebraska.  Educational Service Unit 6 was an innovator in technology infrastructure and the infusion of technology into instruction, not only within the boundaries of the 16 ESU school districts, but also for school districts in ESU 4 (Auburn),ESU 5 (Beatrice) and Lincoln Public Schools.  ESU 6 continues to be the technology hub for 25 school districts in southeast Nebraska and is recognized as an innovator in both technology infrastructure and technology supported instruction.

ESU 6 provides support for increased student and adult learning by leveraging resources in six primary areas, some of which are mandated by state and/or federal law:

  • Teaching and Learning – ESU 6 facilitates training annually for educators informing them of the latest research and teaching methods and improving the opportunities for achievement of students in poverty and students with diverse backgrounds.
  • Technology Services:  ESU 6 manages a fiber network for 25 school districts in southeast Nebraska, provides internet protection filters, promotes online and digital learning options and provides technical support.
  • Specialized Student Services:  ESU 6 provides services to meet the increased needs of students with disabilities, career education, English language acquisition programs, regional support for autism, assistive technology and professional development for early childhood service providers.
  • Early Childhood:  ESU 6 provides leadership and support in early childhood education to ensure every child is safe, healthy and prepared to succeed in school and in life.
  • Developing Collaborative Partnerships: Facilitating innovation and disseminating best practice across school district and community boundaries while collaborating with human service agencies, businesses, municipalities, colleges and universities.
  • Administrative Services:  ESU 6 assists school districts, public and parochial within the areas of teaching and learning, technology, business services, teacher training and purchasing.

As Administrator during this historical marker, I am extremely proud of the determination and dedication of our founders, past and current staff, and Board of Directors for holding true to our organizational mission and vision in spite of many significant obstacles over the past half century. Those who are part of our legacy should have confidence in a bright future for Educational Service Unit 6 for many years to come.

Daniel J. Shoemake, EdD
Administrator, CEO

Milford Office: (main office) | 210 5th St | Milford, NE 68405 | Ph: 402-761-3341 | PH: 800-327-0091 | Fx: 402-761-3279
Geneva Office: 225 N. 17th St | Geneva, NE 68361 | Ph: 402-759-3143 | Fx: 402-759-4864