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Network Nebraska 2017-2018 Participation

Comprehensive Listing of Network Nebraska—Education Services and Benefits (7/1/2017)

Student Learning Opportunities

  • Statewide Clearinghouse and Video conferencing Scheduling Software (

  • High quality exchange of Nebraska K-12 and college video distance learning classes

  • High bandwidth Internet2 access to over 90,000 education partners and content providers

  • Internet2 programming and virtual museum trips from across the U.S./world

  • Transport for the ESUCC/NDE statewide learning object repository and other applications

  • Participant in the Internet2 InCommon national pilot project for federated identity services

  • New State contract pricing for Zoom video conferencing


  • Intranet Ethernet connectivity to all 291 Network Nebraska participants and Nebraska Dept of Ed

  • Interregional (high bandwidth backbone) Transport between Grand Island, Lincoln, Omaha, and Scottsbluff

  • Access to commodity Internet1 service with one of the lowest rates in the U.S.

  • 3Gbps Internet2 Commercial Peering Service and prioritized routing to over 60,000 companies

  • 20Gbps InterExchange Routing out of Omaha

  • Co-location rack space at Lincoln core location as a subscription service

  • Core router and core infrastructure cost avoidance through the University of Nebraska partnership

  • Increased backbone transport through UNCSN dark fiber projects

  • Dynamic provisioning of statewide Internet access

Network Management/Monitoring

  • 24/7 network monitoring and call center

  • Toll-free Network Nebraska number, 1-888-NET-NEBR (638-6327)

  • Automated Notification System services

  • Network abuse and nefarious activity monitoring, including DDoS prevention for 2016-17

  • Fortinet enterprise Intrusion Prevention Service

  • Bandwidth measuring and assistance

  • Level 1 network troubleshooting and support on Network Nebraska-Education backbone, core network devices and State Contract and University of Nebraska contracts for Internet access

  • Level 2 network troubleshooting and support on wide area networking and other participant routing and DNS issues

  • Level 2 video/scheduling troubleshooting and support

  • Traffic shaping of Network Nebraska Internet bandwidth at Omaha and Lincoln

  • Onsite and/or remote technician assistance, upon request


  • RFP development and State Master Contract negotiations

  • E-rate filing on the K-12 eligible portion of the Interregional Transport and statewide Internet

  • Sponsored Education Group Participation (SEGP 8 6 8&$1) Membership for Internet2

  • Management of the statewide purchase contracts for statewide scheduling, WAN services, Internet access, Cisco equipment, and videoconferencing equipment.

  • E-rate archiving of bid documents, invoices, correspondence

  • Continual Management of Consortium Letters of Agency to maintain E-rate eligibility

  • OCIO Financial Solutions Services for budget development and vendor service orders

  • State Billing services for Network Nebraska Participation Fee and Interregional Transport

  • Network Nebraska website ( development and support

Milford Office: (main office) | 210 5th St | Milford, NE 68405 | Ph: 402-761-3341 | PH: 800-327-0091 | Fx: 402-761-3279
Geneva Office: 225 N. 17th St | Geneva, NE 68361 | Ph: 402-759-3143 | Fx: 402-759-4864