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Virtual Field Trip Support

Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) are available for classes K-12 in all subject areas.

The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration has a comprehensive list of interactive content and collaborations.

University of Nebraska State Museum - Morrill Hall provides full-ride scholarships for virtual field trips.

Homestead National Monument provides free virtual field trips.

NETA will be providing $10,000 in scholarships for virtual field trips.

ESU 6 will provide support for classrooms participating in virtual field trips.

ESU 6 suport includes:

  • Video Conferencing equipment kits
  • HD Video Projector if necessary
  • Classroom support for testing connections
  • Classroom support for VFT

Please go here to complete the form to tell us about your VFT so we can help.


Milford Office: (main office) | 210 5th St | Milford, NE 68405 | Ph: 402-761-3341 | PH: 800-327-0091 | Fx: 402-761-3279
Geneva Office: 225 N. 17th St | Geneva, NE 68361 | Ph: 402-759-3143 | Fx: 402-759-4864