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Resources for Teachers and Families

Information for parents/guardians and students is vital.  These organizations may provide helpful resources, support, and education/training.  It is important to start early with applying for services and to seek support with questions.  

     Parent Training and Information Center, Nebraska -

     ARC of Nebraska -

     Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services -

     Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation -

     Social Security Administration -

     Autism Center of Nebraska -

     Easter Seals of Nebraska -

     Disability Rights of Nebraska -

     Client Assistance Program -

     Nebraska Alliance of Mental Illness -

     Nebraska Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired -

     Nebraska Commision for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing -

     Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health -

     Down Syndrome Association for Families -

     Nebraska Youth Leadership Council -

     Western Iowa Nebraska Association on Higher Education and Disability -




Information for teachers/schools and families is vital.  These websites may provide important guidance in what transition is, what services are to be provided and where to seek help.  

     Nebraska Department of Education: - 

     Nebraska Department of Education Tranisition Planning -

     National Technical Assistance Center on Transition -

     Indicator 13 -

     Transition Coalition -

     Nebraska Post School Outcomes -



Milford Office: (main office) | 210 5th St | Milford, NE 68405 | Ph: 402-761-3341 | PH: 800-327-0091 | Fx: 402-761-3279
Geneva Office: 225 N. 17th St | Geneva, NE 68361 | Ph: 402-759-3143 | Fx: 402-759-4864